Toshiba Semiconductor is available from Jotrin, provide the product page for detailed information, you can find IC Chips, Discrete Semiconductors you want at the platform. Buy L2012-MDK311V-0 SEIKO L2012-MDK311V-0 Electronic Parts In-Stock, Electronic Components., View the manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for the L2012-MDK311V-0 at Jotrin Electronics. Die Pinbelegung lautet: 1 D1 Data upper 2 FLM First line marker 3 M Alternate signal 4 LP Line pulse 5 CP Clock pulse 6 D2 Data lower 7 Vcc +5V 8 Vss 0V 9 Vee negative LCD-Versorgung, -0,5 bis -12V (minus!!!) 10 Vadj Kontrastspannung (Poti zwischen Gnd und Vee) Dein IC8 ist ein 4-fach Operationsverstärker für die LCD-Teilspannungen.

This Videojet Excel 170i Small Character Ink Jet Printer is a parts/replacement unit. It is sold as-is without warranty and is priced accordingly. If you would like to purchase individual components separately, please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales for pricing.